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Hire Backend Developer

Hire Dedicated Backend Developers

Backend developers use back-end technologies to assist startups and established businesses digitize their goods, and their services are always in demand. Employing specialized backend developers who assist you in developing cutting-edge software management capabilities for your product can help you optimize your business processes and develop a competitive solution.

Get Reliable and Customizable Backend Solutions - Hire Skilled Backend Developers Today

Our resource can provide the following services to your business:

  • Database Programming: Our backend developers are highly skilled in working with the latest server technologies to enhance the reliability of your database. We have expertise in working with a variety of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, DB2, ORACLE, MySQL, SAP HANA, and more.
  • Server Scripting: Our backend developers ensure that your servers are optimized for speed and meet the requirements of your project. With knowledge of the latest tools and technologies, our developers provide error-free server scripting services.
  • API Programming and Integration: Our expert backend developers use API programming to seamlessly integrate 3rd party services. We can also provide a smooth integration between legacy applications and existing backends without any hassle.
  • Application Re-engineering: Hire our backend developers for cutting-edge re-engineering processes that stimulate views, processes, and screens. We use the existing processes of your applications and customize them to meet your specific needs.


At InfusAi, we offer a diverse range of technologies for hiring expert developers who deliver solutions without any bugs or failures.

.NET:Our experienced developers deliver precise .NET development services to cater to a wider range of clients.

PHP:We build real-time and dynamic solutions with Vue.js and use our comprehensive skills to develop static, dynamic, and integrated PHP applications for your business growth.

NODE.JS: Our Node.js development services deliver lightweight, scalable, and seamless applications for businesses.

C/C++:We provide reliable C/C++ development services, including cross-platform app development, maintenance, and app porting.

JAVASCRIPT: Our JavaScript development services offer future-proof solutions that cater to dynamic business and market needs.

OTHERS: We also offer backend development services for technologies like Ruby, Java, Python, VBScript, Functional Programming, and more.

Hire Backend Developer with InfusAi - A Simple 3-Step Process
  1. Share your project requirements: Let us know your requirements and we'll analyze them to provide an estimation of the required resources, tech stacks, and time.
  2. Screen our candidates: Choose from our pool of skilled candidates after screening those that match your requirements and can fit into your team.
  3. Sign a contract and get going: Sign a non-disclosure agreement and other necessary documents, and the selected resource will join your team to begin the development process.

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