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Optimize your field service operations with dynamics 365 field service

Create new business opportunities and efficient service outcomes for our customers

  • Servitization
  • Reactive to predictive
  • Connected experiences
  • Resource schedule optimization
create new business opportunities and efficient service outcomes for customers

Universal Resource Scheduling

Manage organization resources, and reduce costs operating costs

  • Schedule anything from one central interface
  • Schedule service facilities, docking bay, rooms, and more
  • Find best resource by skill, territory, role, or other factors
  • Manage individual or crew schedules
  • Define Resource Pools
  • Find and substitute resources
  • View Traffic Information and possible route closures
universal resources scheduling

Internet of Things

Create a proactive service model by remotely monitoring and scheduling device service

  • Track device anomalies
  • Integrated with Azure IoT Hub & Azure IoT Central
  • Remotely send commands to devices
  • Group devices for easier management
  • Define Command Definitions for reusable device administration
  • Trigger service processes based on device data
  • View real-time device telemetry data
internet of things

Demand management

  • Customer portals
  • Multi-channel customer communications
  • IoT integration
  • Triage support
  • Field work order/appointment request
  • Field quoting
  • Field parts sourcing
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Long cycle work requests

Work planning

  • Forecasting (shift planning, rostering)
  • scheduling optimization (SLAs and VIP customers, cost optimization, labor leveling)
  • Parts demand planning
  • Purchasing
  • GIS integration
  • Customer communications
  • Third-party service enablement


  • Invoicing/price books
  • Managing installed assets
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Maintenance plans/quoting
  • Warranty management
  • Revenue recognition
  • Reverse logistics
  • Depot repair
  • Equipment supersession
  • Engineering change requests
  • Fleet management

Work order

  • Work order financials (time/tasks/parts/expenses)
  • Custom forms (e.g. inspection)
  • Evidence (e.g. signatures, pics)
  • Equipment updates
  • Recommendations
  • Payment collection
  • Customer survey

Technician enablement

  • GPS integration
  • Telematics integration
  • Directions/maps/routing
  • Equipment history/site details
  • Peer collaboration
  • Customer communications
  • KB and work instructions
  • Purchasing and quoting/sales
  • Tool management

Analytics and integrations

  • Field service performance management
  • Cross-functional predictive analytics
  • Alerts, notifications, gamification
  • ERP, CRM, GIS integration