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Job Description

Role: Project Manager

Experience: 5 to 10 years

Location: Mumbai / Noida / Bhopal / Vadodara

Job Description:

The project manager roles and responsibilities may differ from one project to another. In fact, it may even differ based on company size and industry. However, these are some of the most common project manager duties for any company

Ensure all projects are delivered on time within the stipulated scope and budget

Lead the initiation and planning of a project and ensure technical feasibility

Ensure resource availability and allocation

Develop a detailed plan to monitor and track the progress of the project

Coordinate with internal and external parties for the flawless execution of projects

Manage relationships between clients and stakeholders

Measure project performance using appropriate project management tools

Perform risk management analysis to reduce project risks

Report and escalate to upper management as and when needed

Create and maintain a comprehensive project documentation

Qualification & Requirements:

Most project managers get their career start as software engineers, marketing experts, or even sales reps. A successful project manager usually has five or more years in a relevant field with several formal qualifications for a project manager

Gaining the top project management qualifications is key for project managers to be successful within their roles

Here are a few must-have project management qualifications:

(1) A bachelor's degree in IT, computer science, business management, or a related field

(2) Any relevant project management related experience

(3) A Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is preferred


There is no such thing as one general project management skill set that fits all. To lead a successful project, a project manager needs to be skilled in almost all fields - from tech to human resources, from marketing to construction and everything else in between. It’s a complex but rewarding field.

Here are some of the most sought-after skills that successful project managers must have.

A solid understanding of business cases and risk management processes

Strong leadership skills

Proven self-management and team-management skills

Ability to monitor and control project budgets

Capability to make decisions under pressure

A project manager also needs to have great social and communication skills as well. Their duties will range from being a team leader, a supervisor, and a co-worker, all at the same time. They will also be the first person that the team goes to whenever there are any problems regarding the project.