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Enhance your field service operations with Dynamics 365 Field Service optimisation.

Unlock new business opportunities and streamline service outcomes for your customers.

  • Embrace Servitization
  • The transition from reactive to predictive service
  • Deliver connected experiences
  • Optimize resource scheduling
create new business opportunities and efficient service outcomes for customers

Streamline Resource Management

with Universal Resource Scheduling

  • Efficiently manage organisational resources and reduce operating costs. Schedule any resource from a central interface.
  • Optimize scheduling for service facilities, docking bays, rooms, and more -Find the Best Resource Based on Skills, Territory, Role, and Other Factors
  • Find best resource by skill, territory, role, or other factors
  • Effortlessly manage individual or crew schedules.
  • Define Resource Pools for Easy Allocation
  • Find and substitute resources as needed.
  • Access traffic information and stay updated on possible route closures.
universal resources scheduling

Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) proactive service models.

  • Remotely monitor and schedule device service for enhanced efficiency.
  • Track device anomalies and take action in real-time.
  • Integration with Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central for seamless device management
  • Effortlessly Send Commands to Devices for Remote Control
  • Group Devices for Streamlined Management and Administration
  • Define Command Definitions for Reusable Device Administration
  • Trigger Service Processes Based on Real-Time Device Data
  • View real-time device telemetry data for comprehensive insights
internet of things

Optimize Demand Management with Comprehensive Solutions

  • Enhance customer portals for seamless interaction
  • Enable multi-channel customer communications for enhanced engagement
  • Integrate with IoT for Real-Time Data and Insights
  • Efficient triage support for quick issue resolution
  • Streamline field work orders and appointment requests
  • Seamless Field Quoting for Quick and Accurate Estimates
  • Efficient Field Parts Sourcing for Timely Service Delivery
  • Integration with Ticketing Systems for Smooth Operations
  • Handle long-cycle work requests with ease for efficient service delivery.

Streamline work planning with advanced solutions

  • Efficient forecasting for shift planning and rostering
  • Optimize Scheduling for SLAs and VIP Customers, Cost Optimisation, and Labour Levelling
  • Streamline Parts Demand Planning for Timely Service Delivery
  • Efficient Purchasing for Smooth Operations
  • Seamless GIS Integration for Location-Based Service Planning
  • Enhance customer communications for improved engagement.
  • Enable third-party service integration for enhanced service offerings

Efficient Operations Management for Service Excellence

  • Streamlined Invoicing and Price Book Management
  • Effective Management of Installed Assets for Service Operations, Maintenance
  • Agreements, and Plans for Proactive Service Delivery
  • Seamless Warranty Management for Efficient Claim Processing
  • Automated Revenue Recognition for Accurate Financial Reporting
  • Optimised Reverse Logistics for Efficient Returns and Repairs
  • Depot Repair Management for Swift Service Resolution
  • Effective Equipment Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Efficient Handling of Engineering Change Requests for Service Operations
  • Comprehensive Fleet Management for Service Vehicle Optimisation

Efficient work order management for service operations

  • Integrated Work Order Financials for Time, Tasks, Parts, and Expenses
  • Customizable Forms for Inspections, Surveys, and More
  • Easy capture of evidence such as signatures and pictures
  • Real-time Equipment Updates for Accurate Asset Management
  • Proactive recommendations for service optimisation
  • Seamless Payment Collection for Smooth Billing Processes
  • Customer surveys for feedback and service improvement

Empower your technicians with advanced enablement tools.

  • Seamless GPS and Telematics Integration for Efficient Field Service
  • Directions, Maps, and Routing for Optimised Technician Dispatching
  • Comprehensive Equipment History and Site Details for Informed Service
  • Peer collaboration for knowledge sharing and troubleshooting assistance
  • Effective customer communications for service updates and status reports
  • Access to the Knowledge Base and Work Instructions for Quick Resolutions
  • Streamlined Purchasing and Quoting/Sales Processes for Technicians
  • Efficient Tool Management for Enhanced Productivity in the Field

Unlocking powerful insights and integrations with analytics for field service

  • Field Service Performance Management for Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Cross-functional predictive analytics for proactive service planning
  • Real-Time Alerts, Notifications, and Gamification for Enhanced Engagement
  • Seamless Integration with ERP, CRM, and GIS Systems for Streamlined Operations
  • Leverage data and analytics to optimise field service operations and drive business success