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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs QuickBooks : Which One to Pick?

Both QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are software solutions that manage your businesses regular financial transactions and accounting. Both are well-known methods of corporate management. These products share some capabilities,and differences may make one a better fit for your business than the other.

QuickBooks, is a well-known accounting solution that helps small businesses and non-profit organizations. It enables businesses to manage a range of financial responsibilities, including client billing, bill payment, report generation, and tax preparation.

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QuickBooks Advantages

Accounting solution - If you're searching for basic accounting and financial capabilities, you can accomplish everything with QuickBooks and avoid the need for additional software to produce invoices, manage payroll, or handle task costing.

Simple to use - QuickBooks is designed for even individuals without accounting or financial expertise, allows a new user setup function, gives users the opportunity to practice virtual orientation, and the majority of its features can be initialized with a single mouse click.

Multiple deployment options - QuickBooks includes a simple deployment method and a number of different deployment options. Users could move an application from a private to a public cloud by using the solution, which could be operated in a single-tenant configuration.

Several Variants Available - QuickBooks Online Plus, Enterprise Solutions Platinum, Enterprise Solutions Gold, and Enterprise Solutions Silver are the several versions of this software package that are offered.

QuickBooks Disadvantage

Does not grow with your business - QuickBooks is not scalable and won't grow with your business, therefore it doesn't. Startups with little data to process may momentarily benefit from this solution.

Limited opportunities for integration - QuickBooks users who intend to connect it with other tools down the road as their business expands. To manage and analyze client interactions and data, users would need to purchase third-party add-ons, which would raise the overall cost of the service.

Data and user count restrictions - This software includes a cap on the amount of records that users can store and keep up-to-date in the system. Only a certain number of employees and business transactions can be managed via QuickBooks.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft's comprehensive cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution for small to midsize businesses to automate and streamline business processes.It allows organizations the flexibility to modify the application to meet their own current business demands and is built to adapt to a growing firm. It connects your sales, finance,services, and operations so you can deliver effective and faster results.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Advantage

Helps in project management - By tracking progress, this ERP solution enables businesses to plan, coordinate, and manage customer projects. Businesses that have a real-time view of the state of the entire project may manage resource levels, analyze client billing versus budgeted spending, and make wise decisions.

Optimizes your supply chain - Businesses can obtain a thorough inventory review to fulfill orders efficiently, optimize resources, and increase manufacturing capacity to better plan production and meet consumer expectations.

Offers advanced integration - Business Central offers smooth integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps as well as other Microsoft products like Office 365, Microsoft Flow, etc.

Mobile functionality - This solution can be accessed from either on-site or the cloud, allowing employees to connect or work regardless of location or device. Everyone has access to the same tools and receives the same user experience wherever they are.

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Costlier payroll rollout - Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a more expensive payroll deployment when compared to QuickBooks even though it's expensive but the ROI and value for money is unmatched. Although you have more insight and may split it down by projects, departments, or any other dimension when you handle payroll as part of an ERP package.

More difficult for companies with fewer than five workers - Business Central is a fully comprehensive ERP solution, however it may be too complicated for start-ups and smaller businesses with fewer than five employees, who may not initially require so much functionality.

QuickBooks vs. Dynamics 365 Business Central: At a Glance


In comparison to QuickBooks, Dynamics 365 Business Central has many more features and functionalities. It is an ERP solution with addition to have modules for accounting and finance, it also offers everything you'd need to run a growing firm. In contrast, QuickBooks is used exclusively for accounting.


Small businesses can benefit greatly from using QuickBooks. But when the business expands, using this software to manage commercial operations becomes increasingly difficult. Organization Central, on the other hand, is a powerful ERP system that grows to meet the expanding needs of the business.

Ease of Automation

QuickBooks is less functional and connected than Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, Business Central links the workflows in inventory, distribution, sales, purchasing, and accounting. Users can therefore use the all-in-one dashboard to streamline business activities by automating them.

Security measures

QuickBooks is less functional and connected than Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, Business Central links the workflows in inventory, distribution, sales, purchasing, and accounting. Users can therefore use the all-in-one dashboard to streamline business activities by automating them.


QuickBooks auditing does not maintain track of modifications to master data or logins and logouts. However, Business Central has a more extensive audit trail that offers organizations additional defense against mistakes and employee theft.


Business Central integrates well with Microsoft Power BI and Jet Reports to enable comprehensive reporting and analytics, however QuickBooks underperforms when it comes to reporting features and offering general and abstract insights.

Analyzing Data in Real Time

QuickBooks simply offers a brief overview of sales performance over a specific time frame. However, by utilizing the Azure platform, Business Central gives remarkable real-time insights into business activities and trends, assisting customers in prioritizing sales leads according to income potential.

Which one to Choose Between Dynamics 365 Business Central and QuickBooks?

The solution relies on the demands and needs of your company. If your business merely needs an entry-level accounting system or has less than five employees, QuickBooks might be the appropriate choice for you.
If your company needs accounting software that can handle deferred revenue and more than a thousand transactions each month, you should consider Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can maintain your position while your business develops and flourishes by using a powerful solution like Business Central.