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Reach your goals faster with our smart & hybrid support every step of the way.

IT managed services - InfusAi

Our Global Support engineers are there to help you through the entire deployment cycle of CRMs, ERPs & Cloud Platforms across the product's verticals. We help you resolve all kinds of support issues, be it minor or significant, and be it from enterprise / corporate segment to SMB.

Intelligent platforms to digitize your business

We combine the power of leading enterprise and cloud platforms— Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Servicenow, AWS, and more—with our knowledge, expertise, and industry capabilities to drive large-scale, platform-enabled transformation.

The Hybrid & Smart Managed Service Approach for your growth

With InfusAi, You Get the Flexibility to Take Support Services As Per The Need Of The Hour. We offer managed services for all kind of customers, globally across industries

  • Prepaid Packaged Support Services available in 50 Hours Per month / 75 Hours per Month / 100 Hours per month (Suitable for SMB and Corporates)
  • Ticket Based Support Services (Suitable for SMB)
  • Dedicated Offshore Support Services (Suitable for Corporates and Enterprise customers)
  • Dedicated Onsite Support Services (Suitable for Enterprise customers)
Your office can be anywhere

Ready to scale your business faster with hybrid support?